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Susie & Rodger Engelau Susie & Rodger Engelau, Inspire Results Business Coaching

Drew’s knowledge of marketing in general is very strong, especially online marketing. He has a great command of the broad array of cutting edge systems and software packages available and helped us know which ones maximize our results. Highly recommend him! Results may vary from person to person

Eric Dombach Eric Dombach , The Coaches Coach

As the son of one of the UK’s top business coaches, Drew is able to leverage his substantial background involvement in the business coaching industry to serve his clients well. Drew is high-quality person and worth doing business with!… Results may vary from person to person

David Marsh David Marsh, Shirlaws USA

Drew, thank you. This was not just marketing hype, there was practical thinking that I could put to work immediately. This is timely and valuable information… Results may vary from person to person

John Standaloft John Standaloft , Membership Director at the International Institute of Coaches & MD at Standaloft Coaching

I have been working with Drew for some time now and he has revolutionised the marketing of my business coaching services, particularly the online tactics. His knowledge of marketing tactics for business coaches is quite amazing and he explains it all very effectively. I am now able to generate coaching leads in my sleep – literally! He is a true professional, always happy to go the extra mile and I would strongly recommend his services… Results may vary from person to person

Lorna Powe Lorna Powe, SalesPartners Cape Town

Before working with Drew I was doubtful about how he could actually help me. I get lots of phone calls and emails from companies offering a similar service. That all changed when we embarked on the marketing program. Drew provided expert knowledge in online and off-line lead generation strategies, gave me access to tried and tested marketing that really works for Coaches, Trainers & Consultants and I immediately saw in increase in the amount of leads I was able to generate. I’ve learnt allot from Drew in a short space of time and would recommend his services to anyone who wants to generate more leads.

Samantha Gallagher Samantha Gallagher, Pathfinders Coaching

Drew Edwards (MD) is a talented and skilled marketer offering creative and specialist marketing solutions for Business Coaches to consistently generate relationship leads. Drew is easy to do business with and has a proven track record of finding potential business for you! Results may vary from person to person

Stacy Adams Stacy Adams , SJA Coaching, Holden, MA, U.S.A

Drew Edwards has been wonderful for my coaching business.  Before working with him, I spent almost 100 hours trying to attract clients through a single speech at a conference.  I didn’t get one client.  Now, even though I haven’t been able to devote 100% of my time to my business, I have a strategic alliance that’s sending me referrals, my website visits are up 53% from a year ago, and I’m getting more and more Linked in contacts that are signing up for my webinars and free materials.  This has led to complementary coaching sessions, more confidence and more clients. Thank you, Drew! Results may vary from person to person

Karl Bryan/Adrian Ulsh Karl Bryan/Adrian Ulsh, No Results No Fee

Drew Edwards recently championed our LinkedIn marketing campaign. Although we were initially skeptical this would produce any meaningful results, we were pleasantly surprised when we started to average several qualified leads each day. Drew definitely knows his stuff, and if you sell business to business, I would strongly recommend you consider his proven LinkedIn strategies for lead generation… Results may vary from person to person

Catherine Llewellyn Catherine Llewellyn, Inspiring Change

Drew is a real find – expert in marketing, including a vast array of knowledge of the latest online opportunities and methods – he’s totally focused and committed to helping his clients get results, and very good at it – Drew’s enthusiasm is infectious – and he’s fun! You can’t argue with that Results may vary from person to person

Manuel Rodríguez Manuel Rodríguez, Ology Coaching

My name is Manuel and I have been a Coach for four years. Drew has a way of clearly explaining topics and provides tons of information around marketing and client attraction for Coaches, Trainers and Consultants. I would happily recommend Drew to anyone who wants more information about growing their business.

Rick Adams Rick Adams, The Growth Consultancy

My name is Rick Adams and I've been in business for 8 years now. Drew has taught me the importance of marketing as a separate, essential, ongoing component of a successful business.  It needs to be budgeted for in terms of time and money and it needs to get done.  As Drew has pointed out, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, you have to attract customers.

Jennifer Lindley, Powerful People Performance

What I like about your approach Drew, is the commercial aspect of your work. As you will be well aware, many people in our line of work, especially coaches I find, seem to think that 'marketing' and selling - even 'pull' selling, is beneath them or at best they feel very uncomfortable with the process. I have been in business for 20 years as a trainer, consultant and latterly a coach. And the biggest lesson I have learned from interactions with you is that I have fallen into that trap myself! I understand why, now that I have reflected on the situation, but need to work very hard to get myself out of this situation.You clearly recognise that the world and his wife will not come to you unless you make them aware that you are there, that you can help them, that you understand their challenges and can help them to overcome those challenges. Lead generation is a vital part of our business and must be a constant! Yes, of course I would recommend you to a non competing coach, trainer and consultant to discover more about lead generation.

Carlo Triolo Carlo Triolo , SASK Business Coach

I've been in business since 2006... Drew has shared many aspects of marketing and client attraction. I've also enjoyed hearing things from the viewpoint other coaches who are in a similar situation to me. Drews content is very informative and I would definitely recommend him to other Coaches, Trainers or Consultants who want to grow their businesses.

Alex Dyce Alex Dyce, Lennox Hamilton Ltd

I have been in business as a Coach and mentor for 7 years, though in the big corporate world beforehand I was effectively doing a lot of this internally within the organisation and with the people in my teams. The biggest thing I've taken from Drew, is that there is no "magic bullet or one solution to build a successful business - You have to be persistently firing on all cylinders. I would happily recommend Drew to any Coach, Trainer or Consultant who wanted to know more about client attraction and business growth

Philip Francombe, PFX Limited

I set up my own business in October 2012.  I'm not just a coach, Ive gone into business with people I've worked with, so I now have a small portfolio of interests in various things... Drew is very direct and to the point! The biggest take aways I've got from Drew is to know my self-worth when it comes to the fees I demand and the clients I work with. I now know to get rid of the time consuming, non profitable clients and let the competitors have them! Be relentless!

Alan Harding Alan Harding, Better Business International Pty Ltd

I started my business 3 years ago now and since then there have been many examples of lessons I have learnt from Drew that have helped my business. Such as the way he continuously gives away his knowledge freely. Including an e-mail where he shared a story about only having a certain amount of seconds per day, then they have gone... I guess I can be one of those procrastinators sometimes! I would of course always recommend Drew to other Coaches, Trainers and Consultants.

Phil Pickford Phil Pickford, Think Differently

I have been in business as a consultant for 9 years. The biggest lesson I have learned, and continue to learn, from Drews communications to me is that nothing will happen if I don’t do anything!  I have a relatively “busy” business with an “acceptable” income.  However I know I can do much better.  It is the continuing realisation that what I want will not happen if I don’t do anything towards it.  I have been too comfortable for too long, enjoying working with my current clients and thinking all is well, when in actual fact I am only 2-3 client resignations away from panic!  Drew has moved me to take action (at long last). Yes, I would be prepared to recommend him to a non-competing coach.

Peter Wilkinson Peter Wilkinson, Peter Wilkinson Ltd

Drew has taught me to be relentless, how to implement multiple client attraction strategies rather than relying on one method, measure performance and be prepared to change the plan if it’s not working. Drew has a great handle on digital client attraction strategies and tactics. I would be happy to recommend his services on that basis.

John Douglas John Douglas, Exclusive Leadership Academy

I'm John and I've been in business for 2 years now. Drew has taught me how to be relentless in my pursuit of Clients and use Linkedin and emails as powerful marketing tools they work if done correctly. I'd definitely recommend Drew and I have already done so to some of my colleagues that needed help getting Clients.

Nicholas Sutton Nicholas Sutton, The Firefox Group

I've been in the Consulting/Coaching business for 14 years... But only 8 years here in Aus! After some initial scepticism I am finding Drews material highly useful - I have all sorts of issues that he's helping with and would of course recommend him to others... You have to kiss a lot of frogs in this business but I think Drew is the real deal!

Dr.R. Benton Ruth Dr.R. Benton Ruth, INSPIRE Business Solutions

My name is Dr.R. Benton Ruth, I'm the CEO/Owner of 'INSPIRE Business Solutions'  and I've been in business for over 38 years. Drew provides simple, yet profound insights into marketing that produce results when applied. I would recommend Drew without reservation... He has the knowledge and experience.

Gary C. Bizzo Gary C. Bizzo, Bizzo Management Group

I have Drews statement "Your prospects DON'T want or need a Coach. They want RESULTS!" on my desk. It says it all for me. I would recommend Drew to any Coach who is interested in attracting more clients. Lead generation is a need for all of us

Chris Jensen Chris Jensen, Chris Jensen Coaching

I've been an independent business consultant, trainer and coach for over 35 years. Drew clearly breaks down the three only things that any Coach, Trainer or Consultant should be focusing on if they want to increase business profits. I would certainly recommend Drew to anyone who wants to know more about marketing, lead generation and business growth.

McSwain Fowler McSwain Fowler, Next Executive Coach

I am now in a growth stage and looking for any new way to build my book of business. I have found Drews insights on getting rid of problem clients most useful. It¹s amazing how little some people value our time. I am thinking about implementing a no-show fee to get people off their collective butts and into the game.

Deborah Bishop Deborah Bishop, Whole Wealth Global LLC

Drew's ability to break things down is the thing I've found most useful - sometimes simpler is best! I would recommend Drew to any Coach, Trainer or Consultant who has a need for more clients. The need for leads in universal and Drew has duplicatable material that allows others to get results!

Bev Hepting Bev Hepting

"It's difficult to say what I've found most useful about what Drew has shared with me during my time working with him, as each bit was useful when I needed it to be.  I started from scratch and had to learn so much, Drew have helped me understand my audience and how to find them. If you want to know how to generate more leads and attract more clients speak to Drew and join one of his programmes."

James Davey James Davey, Assist With Solutions

My name is James and I have been a Coach since February 2007. The biggest lesson I've learnt from Drew is to be relentless and that planned and consistent activity generates leads, but they are worthless if they are not followed up. I would recommend Drew to any Coach, Trainer or Consultant who wants to take their business to the next level.

Calvin Sandford Calvin Sandford , ActionCOACH

I've been a Coach for 14 years.. And the biggest lesson I have learned from Drew is that the Business Coaching lead generation systems have changed dramatically over the years. The strategies I used as long as 5 years ago are no longer returning results and the new online marketing strategies Drew teaches have replaced them.

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